Possessed of a passion and an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, through decades of epicurean experience Chef Von Albrecht has crafted a career based on good taste. Through his active involvement with numerous industry bodies, he has played an active role in developing new products, new talents and new standards of foodservice excellence. Chef Von Albrecht has contributed significant time and energies in key roles as the President of the BC Chefs Association, Chair of the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards Panel for the Retail Council of Canada and Chair of the Junior Chapter of the Canadian Culinary Federation.

A world traveler and culinary ambassador, Von Albrecht has journeyed extensively in Europe, South America and even to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, carrying with him a taste of Canada and returning with fresh inspiration. His extensive charitable works and teaching background, provided Von Albrecht with the inspiration to create a company that made good food affordable and accessible;
from this desire, Mava Foods was launched in 2007.