Article in Western Grocery Magazine for July 2011

Jul 29 2011

Mava Foods brand "Food for Life"utilizes local produce and proteins from Alberta. There are no added preservatives or MSG used and the HMR's are blast frozen to insure freshness. We offer 23 selections of complete meals and mix and match proteins, starches and vegetables. They come in a variety of sizes: 275gr, 400 gr and 2.27kg bulk. To meet the changing demands of consumers, Mava Foods lauched its "Health Check"line in May, 2011. There have been 5 new products added to the Mava family brining to market, 28 Food for Life selections. There is a fresh sandwich line being launched next month with co-branding of Kobe Beef. As the first in the industry to bring high end sandwiches to a niche market, Mava Foods' line up include: European open face by the half dozen or dozen, cranberry sour dough bread with grilled vegetables, smoked turkey and Paradise Island Foods- cheese, to a Kobe beef burger or sliced Kobe Beef on a sub bun. With the economic tension a year ago, we saw that consumers were buying more take home meals and not going out to restaurants. This has changed and people are starting to go back to restaurants and picking up higher end products for lunch. The health conscientious clientèle have being lining up for the Health Check products and we have found that alot of rural stores have been hungry for this type of offering and sales are brisk.

Our moto is Eat Fresh, Eat Local Eat Healthy and deli managers can increase their sales by promoting they have these type of product in house. We compliment our sales with instore demo's and samplings with knowledge friendly staff. We have plans for a children's line next year and are working on "green"containers for all our products. The Meals on Wheels program, which is component of our operation, has recently moved their meals into a sugar cane base made container that are compostable in your garden. Residents in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby have been using these containers for over two months.

If you still want to cook at home, check out the website, and download our two week menu planner that has regular recipes for the "chef at home"or the same recipe but in a "quick and easy"format for those that cook but like an easier approach. On the side of the menu planner, you will find complete grocery lists to simplify your life!